MTF 4 part Transitioning System




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The 4 part MTF Transitioning System!!!

The most effective, non-pharmaceutical MTF Transitioning kit on the legal market. If you have been seeking an all natural transition without harsh chemicals, expensive doctors, embarrassing appointments and endless blood tests – look no further. It is time for your to begin living life on YOUR TERMS! Start increasing your Estro-levels naturally! Effectively block unneeded Test-levels quickly! Find the peace & harmony you life has been needing instantly!

Make today the day you take hold of your life. The curves, the facial features, the vocal octaves you are seeking can now be yours! Lose the manly, bulky and beefy features! A more feminine mental acuity, bodily features and thought patterns can be yours today with our 4 part MTF Transitioning System – ONLY from Jungledog Labs.

Physically, mentally, spiritually – the MOST effective transitioning system available.

Each kit contains one bottle of each, 50 capsules per safety sealed container –


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