Medical hoyerPro Stature Electric Full Body Vertical Patient Lift – 500 lbs


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EASY TO USE: Innovative adjustment features allow this lift to adapt to a variety of body sizes and shapes. The pump handle can rotate from side to side for caregiver convenience. Fast and simple sling attachment protects against accidental disengagement.
SLINGS: Multi-function slings available for quick toileting, stand-assistance or fully supported seated transfers. The slings are made to adapt to a wide variety of body sizes based on individuals needs, and can support a weight range up to 500 lbs.
SMOOTH ROLLING: Low-friction casters make rolling the lift across indoor surfaces easier and contribute to caregiver safety

Safe Load: 500 lbs
Maximum Length: 54.7″
Minimum Length: 50.8″
Maximum Height 83.8″
Minimum Height: 76.6″
Overall Height of Legs 4.3″
Ground Clearance 1.2″
Front Twin Casters 4.0″
Rear Braked Casters 4.0″
Battery capacity 3.2A Ampere hours
Electric Shock Protection


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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