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Are you keeping awake at night, do you have any sleep disorders?

Eszopiclone 2mg is used to treat insomnia or sleep disorders and gives you uninterrupted sleep for full 8 hours. The drug belongs to the group called sedative hypnotics and works by bringing calming effect to the brain. It is generally used for a week or maximum two week course after which if your sleep disorders continue then you should meet your doctor for further treatment.Buy lunesta online usa

Method of dosage of Eszopiclone 2mg (Generic Lunesta)

Carefully go through the guide or manual available at your local pharmacist before venturing out to use the drug. If you have any queries then you should get in contact with your doctor. Keep in mind that Eszopiclone has to be used strictly in confirmation with your physician or doctor who knows your medical history. Make sure you eat light low-fat meal before taking the drug. High-fat meal will dilute the effect of the drug. Strictly go by doctor’s prescription in terms of strength or dose, frequency and period of dosage. Do not self-medicate with Eszopiclone 100mg.Buy lunesta online usa

The beginning of the dose is 1mg at bedtime as directed by your physician or doctor. Your dosage is based on your age, liver condition and medicines that you regularly take. It also depends on the response to the first dose of the drug prescribed by the doctor. Your dose may change in between after the doctor’s observation. Once you take the drug (which induces drowsiness) you cannot move outdoors for walking, driving or working on any machine that requires you to concentrate hard. If you do then you will be risking your own as well as others’ lives. With higher strengths of Eszopiclone (3mg) the hangover of the drug spills over to the next day. You should not move out of your house and take complete rest.

Low strength dose of Eszopiclone is prescribed for older people above the age of 65 to 70 years and who have weak organs. They may even experience temporary loss of memory. Do not stop the course without discussing with your doctor. Avoid taking the drug during day time.

The drug is likely to cause withdrawal symptoms in case of patients on a long drug course and who stop their dose suddenly. The withdrawal symptoms include nausea, vomiting, flushing, stomach cramps, nervousness and shivering may occur if the drug is suddenly stopped (cold turkey). Immediately consult your close physician or medical expert to stop withdrawal symptoms. You should also reach out to your doctor if the drug does not work or does not bring the desired effect.

Make sure that you do not get addicted to the drug as it can cause serious side effects once you stop taking the drug. The side effects get amplified if you take the drug under the influence of narcotic drugs (marijuana) or alcohol.

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Rebound insomnia – (Generic Lunesta)

You may experience difficulty while sleeping for the first few nights after stopping the drug. You need to be patient with this condition and allow it to phase out after a couple of days. But if it persists after four days then you should seek doctor’s advice.

Precautions to be taken with Eszopiclone – (Generic Lunesta)

  • Eszopiclone may have inactive ingredients or compounds that may create allergic reaction with some patients of insomnia. They should first contact their physician and then proceed to take the drug.
  • If your lungs and vital organs (liver, kidney) are in bad shape or under medication then you should not take this drug as it can worsen your condition.
  • If you have any respiratory issue then you should consult with your doctor first and then take the drug
  • If you have COPD, sleep apnoea, erratic mental/mood swings, depression, thoughts of suicide, family history of drug abuse, family history of sleep-walking or any muscle disease then you should first consult your doctor.
  • Driving or working on heavy machines that require keen concentration under the influence of Eszopiclone should be strictly avoided.
  • Mixing alcohol with Eszopiclone is dangerous for your health. Those who are habitual drinkers of alcohol or alcoholic beverages should consult their doctors before taking Eszopiclone.
  • Older people should be cautious while taking the drug as it may cause extreme drowsiness, lack of concentration and even loss of memory to certain extent. This may fade away after the decline in the effect of drug.
  • Pregnant women and those who breastfeed their infants should first consult their doctors before taking Eszopiclone as it is likely to cause damage to the foetus and the infant feeding on mother’s milk.
  • Do not share your medicine with anybody even if they have a similar sleep disorder. It is illegal.

Side effects of Eszopiclone 2mg – (Generic Lunesta)

The common side effects of the drug are listed below:

  • Dry mouth with dizziness
  • Loss of concentration
  • Day time drowsiness
  • Mood swings
  • Rash, itching and swelling in rare cases

Drug Interactions with Eszopiclone 2mg – (Generic Lunesta)

Submit a list of drugs taken by you regularly which include over-the-counter drugs, prescribed drugs, herbal medicines, homeopathic pills etc for various reasons. This information will help your doctor to alter your dose of Eszopiclone as required. The drug is however known to interact with the following compounds or drugs:

  • Sodium oxybate
  • Opioid drugs
  • Narcotic drugs (marijuana)
  • Codeine & hydrocodone
  • Carisoprodol
  • Anti-histamines
  • Alcohol

In case of accidental overdose of Eszopiclone reach your nearest medical emergency centre and report poisoning.

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