Esbeltex Konjac 120 Caps




Esbeltex Konjac Reducer and stabilizer of the corporal weight. THERAPEUTIC INDICATIONS:In programs of reduction of weight: as reducing of weight in exogenous obesity degree I (10 to 20% of overweight). Once reached the weight wished by means of anexoric and/or dietetic treatment, it prevents the effect by ricochet, maintaining to the patient in the weight reached without needing strict diets. In cases in that according to the doctor it is necessary to maintain the weight of the patient stable, as arterial hypertension and cardiac injuries, diabetes, injuries of column, reumatoide arthritis, et cetera.

In order to diminish the cholesterol levels, triglycerides and glucose in blood. Dust of konjac. DOSE AND VIA OF ADMINISTRATION:2 or 3 tablets half an hour to one hour before each food taken with two glasses with water. Duration of the treatment: ESBELTEX® because it is a natural product can be taken indefinitely; nevertheless, Esbeltex Konjac, treatments of eight weeks are recommended, after which he is advisable to rest one week, before resuming its administration.

Esbeltex Konjac Contraindications and Recommendations:

Esbeltex is not recommended for use in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular inflammation, bleeding. The drug is contraindicated in pregnant women and during lactation. It should not be used to treat patients under the age of 10 years.


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