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The best of the best. A top-of-the-line cartridge with high potency and bigger hits. Super easy to use with no leaks or burns! Available in Half-Gram and Full-Gram sizes. This cartridge is ONLY compatible with Stiiizy batteries so be sure to also purchase a Stiiizy battery if you don’t have one all ready. Flavors may vary.stiizy cartridge, Blue dream

Skywalker OG (Indica) 86.29%THC, Hardcore OG (Indica) 85.70%THC, OG Kush (Indica) 76.36%THC, Strawberry Cough (Sativa) 82.05%THC, Premium Jack (Sativa) 85.71%THC, Pineapple Express (Hybrid) 84.29%THC, Grandaddy Purps (Hybrid) 85.24%THC, Strawnanna (Hybrid) 76.51%THC

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NOTE: All products are lab tested ensuring that we deliver the Highest Quality Standards to our Patients. Verify for Yourself!

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