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Buy Lexaurin 3 mg online

Buy Lexaurin 3 mg online. The well-known drug that is widely used for indications such as attention syndrome, somatic complaints, and others.


The total cycle time of treatment is not more than 8 weeks.
Pay attention, that the closer to the end of the course must gradually reduce the dose gradually. This will continue to avoid the most serious side effects.

The drug is best to take a few divided doses. This is not only convenient for the patient but also can improve reception performance.

In the case of a course of unforeseen side effects or worsening of the patient’s general condition, you should consult a doctor immediately.


During outpatient, treatment dose should be about 1.5-3 mg 2-3 times a day.

In the event of the declaration of a patient in a medical institution of the hospital and the constant supervision of doctors, the dose may be increased to the level of 6-12 mg per day. In this case, as in the previous case, it is observed dosing regimen parts 2-3 times a day.

Side effects

It should not be named for monotherapy of depression, including anxious depression, due to the possibility of suicide. Paradoxical reactions are more common in children and elderly patients. In the case of paradoxical reactions, bromazepam should be abolished. It is recommended to reduce the dose gradually, as the risk of withdrawal symptoms above in a sharp rise of the drug.

Depending on risk increases when large doses and with increasing duration of reception. As well as in patients with alcohol dependence and drug history. Abolish bromazepam should be done gradually reducing the dose to reduce the risk of withdrawal symptoms.

In abrupt cancellation after long-term use or high doses, there is a withdrawal syndrome (a headache and muscle pain, agitation, anxiety, confusion, tremors, convulsions), in severe cases – depersonalization, hallucinations, convulsions (elimination sudden epilepsy). A transient syndrome where symptoms that lead to the appointment of bromazepam, resumed in a more pronounced way (bounce-Syndrome), also can be accompanied by mood changes, sleep disorders, anxiety and others.

The drug is not recommended for people who are driving a vehicle, as well as people working in the production units and mechanisms capable of harming a person.

Buy Lexaurin 3 mg online

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