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Afgoo, also referred to as Afgooey, may be a potent indica strain that’s believed to descend from an Afghani indica and Maui Haze. Afgoo have some artistic qualities, however this strain undoubtedly takes when its indicaparent because it primarily delivers relaxing, asleep effects alongside its earthy pine flavor. This mix of 2 old-school genetics lines produces a sticky, potent plant that stays relatively short throughout its lifetime.


Afghani #1 x Maui Haze


Appearing 1st within the California medical scene, this strain has some serious old-school credentials… the first Afghani #1 may be a cut full-grown in California since a minimum of the 1980’s that was composed of many landrace Afghani hash-making varieties. As a result, this hybrid picks some Sativa vigor from the Maui Haze, however otherwise displays its Afghani roots — it is a sticky, trichome-laden plant that’s best-known for mumbling up a grinder or 2.


Properly-grown Afgooey can have a deeply sweet and fruity aroma with a background of pine and hash — the most common fruit note picked up is cherry.


Mostly hashy and/or herby, it typically produces a pleasant berry sweetness (much like the smell, it is a bit unreliable and mostly depends on growing skill/technique).


With a comparatively strong Indica effects package, Afgooey has the potential to be a “daywrecker”, however at small-to-average doses, it’s squarely within the useful Indica class due to the Haze influence. Buzzy, slack extremities, a fuzzy condition, and an exact couchlock tendency forms the core of the Afgooey experience. It definitely lightens the mood in a very goofy, slack-jawed reasonably means, however is overall a “down” experience that’s most conducive to sitting activities not requiring a large amount of attention. Shows advantages with strong relaxation properties (both mental and physical), mood elevation, sleep aid properties (especially at high dosages), anti-anxiety, ocular relief, and gentle pain relief.

Grow Medium

Afgoo grows well either in soil or hydro setups, good for space-sensitive grows as well.

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